Business Information

  1. Events and conventions: planning of temporary installations, design, production, operation, stage direction for events and conventions.
  2. Television studio setup: stage setting for television programs, design, production, construction, operation
  3. Stage setting: planning, design, production, operation, stage direction, curtain production, rentals
  4. Exhibition stands: planning, design, rendering, production, setup and dismantle, utensils production, rentals coordination
  5. Environments: decoration planning, design, setup, event direction, utensils production
  6. Signage: signboards and advertising signs, pop-ups; planning, design, production, install
  7. Flower displays: flower arrangements, garden plants, artificial flowers, green displays, seasonal decoration
  8. Stage magament for public and private halls (stage, lightening, sound)

Company profile

Company Green Art K.K.
Registration 1-5-28 Kozushima, Toyonakashi, Osaka, Japan 561-0843
Adress 1-5-28 Kozushima, Toyonakashi, Osaka, Japan 561-0843
TEL +81 6(6868)8123
FAX +81 6(6868)8121
Representative Naoki Matsumoto, President
Estiablishment Founded April 1958
December 23, 1968 registation as stock company Green Art K.K.
Capital 55,000,000 Yen
Employees 50
Affiliated Organisations Japan Television Artist Network
Kansai Stage Television Techno & Art Co-operatives
Major clients Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Television Osaka, Inc.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
Toyonaka Hankyu Department Stores
Kawanishi Hankyu Department Stores
and several advertizing agencies, planning companies, event producers, television program producers.


April 4, 1958 Founded as landscape and gardening company
December 23, 1968 Conversion into stock company focusing on stage setup
September 23, 1996 Head office in Mino City, atelier moves, introduction of inkjet printing machine and buildup of a signage department
July 8, 2018 Move from Mino City to Toyonaka City